What clients really need is empathy, not sympathy - that uncanny ability to step into the shoes of someone else and discern what he/she values.

What Makes Me Different

During my early years with Skylar Design, I was asked an important question by someone inquiring about my services. He asked, "Why should I use your services over someone else's? It's a fantastic question and one I revise throughout the years.

Ability and talent can never replace one's character. My clients trust me. They expect me to be knowledgeble, skilled, creative, current, and mindful of their needs. In many ways, they depend on me for guidance and direction when it comes to selecting the best solutions for them. I do everything with honesty and integrity and will do whatever it takes to maintain their trust in me.
Excellence Always
I've always wanted Skylar Design to be recognized for its outstanding work and the relationships that ensue through each project. My standards are quite high and therefore my expectations to deliver a great product are of extreme importance to me. If we work together, you will get the very best from me.
My Committment to You
You should expect professional and responsive customer service whenever you're paying for something of great value. You will certainly get that from me. From the day I start on your project, you're considered a VIP client and I do my best to live up to that reputation.
What Others Say
Over the years, I'm truly humbled that some well-recognized leaders in my industry have recognized my work. But far more precious to me is hearing directly from my clients. They've gotten to know me after having worked directly on their project. Let them tell you directly.
"Hand-Crafted" Work
I've never liked creating cookie-cutter websites. Just like a fingerprint is unique to an individual so are the websites I create. Templates may be inexpensive and look pretty , but that doesn't mean they're built well or meet the objectives of the users. Each project I work on is custom-crafted around my client's objectives.
Work Directly With Me
Because I take on a limited number of projects at a time, you work directly with me. I believe in keeping that friendly and personal touch to my craft. You won't be placed in a ticketing system or put on hold. As long as you're part of the Skylar Design family, you'll always get top priority over new projects.
When my clients need me, they usually hear back from me within a few hours; at the very latest, within 24 hours. When it comes to project deadlines, I often meet ahead of schedule. My word has always been dependendable and trustworthy. And my clients have come to expect that from me.
Clinical Psych Background
Having a clinical background has given me an added advantage because it allows me get to the heart of any problem a client is trying to solve. Responding to a client with just technical answers doesn't necessarily address the real issue. A lot of people can build a site. However, a great web developer understands the deeper needs of the client and knows exactly the right solution to implement.
Keep Things Simple
As intimidating as creating a website can be, I keep things simple just for you. I explain things on your level so it makes sense. Let me worry about the technical details while you can focus on what you do best.
I Care
This may sound too cliche, but the truth is - I really care. I care about the work I produce and, even more importantly, I care about the people I serve. To really understand what I mean, here's a more thorough reason why I care.